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name: Frank Adelstein
city: Ithaca
state: NY
country: USA
date: Dec 01, 2005
subject: The new guestbook is open!

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name: Rhoda S. Adelstein
city: Buffalo Grove
state: IL
country: USA
date: Dec 02, 2005
subject: Thanksgiving

It was great seeing you, mom and Frank last week. We certainly missed Marlene and Tom. Marlene received the holiday pictures - thanks to Frank's technological expertise. Stay well and we love you. Love, Rhoda and David

name: marlene
city: rosendale
state: ny
country: USA
date: Dec 03, 2005
subject: website

Hi Dad,
Fabulous website! Impressive career. I'm inspired.
Love, Marlene

name: Stephen Jeandheur
city: Geneva
state: CH
country: switzerland
date: Feb 28, 2008
subject: Thank you, Bernie

Dear Bernie,

It must have been in the early 70’s when I first heard you play. Abbado was conducting Mahler 6th, and from your first breathtaking entrance, I knew, as my pulse raced, that, that was what I wanted to do with my life. I realized a dream and studied with you. As I entered into the professional music business, I became familiar with all the other great players, past and present, and learned to appreciate their qualities and contributions. Throughout it all, however, and after 30 years in the profession, you remain for me the most exciting symphonic trumpet player ever. Although I’ve tried to emulate your style and emotional power on the instrument, you remain a unique voice. In a time where playing has become “error free”, but generic, your distinctive sound and expression have never been matched. And through our friendship I know that your complete humility about your life in music is as rare as your musicianship. I dare say the true sign of a great artist. When I recently heard you play, my admiration was confirmed. The singular sweetness of your tone and legato, the sureness of attack, the maddening easy high register, it was all still there. I couldn’t help thinking “My God, help me, he’s turning 80 and he still plays better than me! ... And there is absolutely no one like him”. You’ve always been and remain an inspiration, a role model in all the stages of being. Once again, you reassure me and still make me think: “That’s what I want to do with my life”.

Thank you, Bernie.

Stephen Jeandheur
Principal Trumpet
Suisse Romande Orchestra - Geneva

name: Gerald Gurney
city: Norman
state: OK
country: USA
date: May 15, 2008
subject: Old memories

Just thinking about my childhood in Cleveland,the fond memories of my days with David and the warm hospitality you and Connie always showed me. I hope you and your family are well.

name: Ron Miles
city: Denver
state: CO
country: USA
date: Jun 07, 2008

Dear Mr. Adelstein,
i have enjoyed your playing for years. You are one of the great masters. i grew up and live in Denver but i have many recordings and heard you with the Cleveland brass section at an ITG conference. That is one of the great musical experiences of my life. Thank you and God bless you.
ron miles

name: Paul DeLuca
city: Baltimore
state: MD
country: USA
date: Jul 23, 2008
subject: Thank You!

Mr. Adelstein, although I have never met you personally I want to thank you for being a great inspiration in my life as a dedicated amateur trumpet player. From your early Mercury recordings with Minneapolis through the legendary recordings with Cleveland your playing has always amazed me, and still does every time I pull out one of those recordings (I own them all). The precision of your playing is beyond words and serves as my model every time I pick up the trumpet. Although there were many great contemporaries at the time, I have always felt that your playing was the most exciting. I hope you are doing well.

name: Michael P. McGuffey
city: Burbank
state: CA
country: USA
date: Aug 19, 2008
subject: Blossom Festival 1983 at Kent State

Mr. Adelstein,

You have a wonderful website. Thank you very much for
playing for us in the Trumpet class. You are one of the
best trumpet players ever on Earth, I believe. I used to watch and listen to you play on your Gold Mt. Vernon 1C and your silver Bach C and watch the muscles in your belly and marvel at how your whole mid section would fire when you played.
When you played "La Valse" at Blossom, I was on the first row and your sound was so clear and soared over my head like an airplane. (the bars before 62) I loved that!
Mahler 2 with Yoel Levi was amazing. I loved the way you played the 3rd movement and I was so amazed to see you
smoking a cigar at intermission. You were so relaxed. You played Mahler 9 for us in class and chose me to play "Pulcinella" with the student orchestra....thank you:)
It is really an honor to have some copies of excerpts with THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA stamped on them.

I am very honored that you allowed me to be at the festival
that summer. I have been playing full time ever since I was
a boy and wish that you know how I appreciate your
musicianship and trumpet playing and personality.

My friend Andy Ulyate (trumpet, L.A. Opera) mentioned that
he saw your website and I am delighted to find it.
I appreciate that you mentioned me in a letter to Dan Bowling when we were at Curtis in 1984.
Thanks for the cassette of excerpts that you gave me for ten
dollars that summer. Parsifal and Mahler 3 beautiful. You have been the standard for all of these years.
I haven't been fortunate to be chosen at an audition but have been playing full time in Los Angeles for a while.
I hope to be in your trumpet section in some future.

I am so happy to be able to contact you.

All the best,

Michael McGuffey

name: Claire McKay
city: Auckland
country: New Zealand
date: Oct 16, 2008
subject: Thank you - not just for the music!

Hi Bernie, Connie & Family,

After years of thinking I must, must get in touch, I can't believe I just googled 'Bernard Adelstein' and here's your very own website - the wonders of the internet! I wonder if you can cast your minds back as far as 1981/82 you might remember a young couple from New Zealand to whom you showed the utmost kindness and sincere friendship. My boyfriend at the time, Alan O'Dell - a trumpet graduate, had naively written to you from New Zealand and asked you to teach him. How the young journey in hope! To our astonishment you said yes, if he could get himself to Cleveland. Well to a couple of Kiwis from the back of beyond, we needed no further invitation and promptly saved and scraped to get over to the US. We were such babes in the woods, I was 19 and Alan 22 years old. Looking back, I think you must have been alarmed more than once at our approach to life! But from the moment we met, which came quicker than we thought through a wonderful woman, Elaine, whose apartment we called from the newspaper ad to rent, who knew you and immediately called to get us connected - you were far more than just a tutor. For a brief, but hugely memorable six months, you and Connie were our guardian angels. You acted as guarantors for our apartment electricity and telephone supplies (we had no security number, of course), you cooked us at least one hot meal a week it seemed!, you put the word out to your friends that we were always in need of hand-to-mouth work, and trusted us with looking after Frank when you went on tour to Tokyo, and were kind enough to thank us when you got back despite our inadvertant attempts to almost kill him with our dreadful cooking!
All this for a couple of fledgling Kiwis who literally, well almost, walked in off the street.
You and Connie were truly remarkable people who I have never forgotten.
I know Alan found his time with you one of the most astonishing experiences of his life, and from a non-musical viewpoint, I will never forget your warmth, humanity and humour - and Bernie's cigars after concerts!
I lost touch with Alan after we broke up several years after moving onto London, so I don't know what he's doing or whether he's continued with music.
I carried on with journalism when I reached London and spent many years in newspapers before moving into PR. Now I have a family of my own and after 20 years living in the UK, I returned to New Zealand in 2001 with my British husband.
No doubt my 3 children will take flight from New Zealand one day into the larger world - I can only entrust them to the Universe and hope their journeys will be as blessed with the serendipity of meeting people like you.
A very belated, but deeply sincere thank you for your generosity of spirit in ensuring that two young Kiwis didn't stumble as they set out into the big wide world!
With love and gratitude, Claire

name: Bill Lawing
city: Davidson
state: NC
country: USA
date: Oct 26, 2008
subject: catching up

Dear Bernie and Connie,

I have been such a poor communicator! Cynthia and I were back in Cleveland, for the first time in decades, a few weeks ago, at a celebration of the joint Case/CIM program. Cynthia and Gloria did a glorious short 2-piano recital, and I served as disk jockey. We were only there a weekend, but were able to cram in (literally) Mama Santa's, Jack's, and Corky and Lenny's, all in one weekend!

I hope that you continue to be well and young, and would love to hear from you. I am not sure which email to use to contact you.

Take care.

Bill Lawing
Davidson, NC

name: David Miller
city: Houston
state: TX
country: USA
date: Nov 09, 2008
subject: Bach Magnificat

Dear Mr. Adelstein,

My church choir, under the direction of Bob Simpson (see Houston Chamber Choir for more on Bob) recently started rehearsing a couple movements of the Bach Magnificat (in D). This brought back the memory of this work being performed at Willoughby First Presbyterian Church about 1965. If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Rinaldi, who was later to become one of my favorite teachers, persuaded you to participate, playing a unique clarino trumpet the likes of which I've rarely seen since. Does memory serve me right?

Warm regards,
David Miller, Houston
home phone 713-225-1306
day phone 281-877-6119

P.S. I still play tuba in a voluteer orchestra here, the Doctors Orchestra of Houston (but I'm not a doctor).

P.P.S. Please feel free to forward this email to Mr. & Mrs. Rinaldi; I don't think I have their email addresses.

city: nyc
state: ny
country: USA
date: Nov 27, 2008
subject: bernie

dear bernie, although i'm a bass clarinetist, it's such a pleasure to hear you and how you played with the c.o. . i am not sure who i enjoy more, you ed anderson , or myron!!!! thanks for your artestry! brian hysong,nyc ballet orch

name: Eric Schweikert
city: Fort Wayne
state: IN
country: USA
date: Jan 07, 2009
subject: Happy New Year

Thinking of you and wishing you a Happy New Year. Remembering so many great concerts I saw as a CIM student 1982-86. (timpani student of Yancich)
With great admiration,
Eric Schweikert (20 seasons in Ft. Wayne Phil. Where has the time gone!)

name: Mark Prowen
city: Oxford
state: Oxfordshire
country: UK
date: Mar 28, 2009
subject: Admiration!

What a fantastic inspiration you've been to the brass playing/general music world over the years!

When I was about 14, I took a record out of my local library (Wagner Overtures/Szell) and was instantly drawn to the fabulous trumpet playing in the Rienzi and Meistersingers Overtures. This led me to buy Lp's (and since then CD's and downloads)of just about everything you must have recorded with your great orchestra. On one occasion years ago a friend came round and asked 'Why do you keep playing that Mendelssohn Wedding March Lp over and again?' The answer was that I couldn't get over the incisiveness of the opening trumpets - this was again the Cleveland Orchestra. The Strauss albums, Maazel's Romeo and Juliet etc. - they're all on my iPod now and serve as constant inspiration for me in my present work as a brass teacher and player in Oxfordshire, England.

Thank you for your lasting influence on me.

Mark Prowen

name: Jack Mike
city: Charlotte
state: MI
country: USA
date: Jun 17, 2009
subject: Greetings!

Greetings Mr. A, from one of enthusiastic although limited trumpet students from CIM. I just met up with John Moskwa in Chicago and we had a great time remembering about you and those times at CIM ( Too bad about Gregg Olsen). He gave me your Website ( it's really great!). Just to let you know you had a great positive affect on my musical ed.I taught in music public schools for over 30 yrs., retired from that and still conduct a Youth Orchestra ( and a group at the Michigan State Unv. Community Music School.

Thanks for all the wisdom you imparted to me,

All the best.............Jack Mike

name: Christopher Allen
country: USA
date: Jul 07, 2009
subject: Meeting this Thursday, 2 p.m.

Enjoyed your website very much. Look forward to meeting you. I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about. See you then. Chris. (508)-693-4946

name: Paul Neebe
city: Chapel Hill
state: NC
country: USA
date: Jul 24, 2009
subject: Bernard Adelstein

Mr. Adelstein, I'm still playing. Hope all is well. Paul Neebe

name: John Enloe
city: Fuquay-Varina
state: NC
country: USA
date: Aug 22, 2009
subject: You web page

I'm friend with Paul Randal here in Raleigh and we have family in Brandon, Fla. I'll love to visit you sometime and hear you tell stories. Or we could fish. Take care. John

name: Nick Paluzzi
city: Cary
state: NC
country: USA
date: Nov 21, 2009
subject: former student

Hello, Mr. Adelstein. I was a student of yours while in high school in 1977. Irving Sarin had me drive from Detroit to Cleveland for lessons with you. I attended Boston University, studied with Voisin, and had a brief stint as a professional in the Haifa Symphony in Israel in 1982, but left the profession for more lucrative pursuits (engineering). I remember you as a thoughtful teacher, focusing on the fundamentals. Your "solid" playing was a guiding factor in my studies. A highlight of my student days was seeing you perform in Symphony Hall, Boston in 1979 or so. I wish you the best.
P.S. I can't seem to locate Irv, he's unlisted. I think he's a recluse in upper Michigan these days. If you have his address, I'd appreciate receiving it.

name: Bob Grim
city: Toronto
state: Ontario
country: canada
date: Jan 27, 2010

What a wonderful life and career. I am the Princ. Trpt. of the Canadian Opera Orch. here in Toronto. Being 55 years young, I heard Bernard many times in the past. Bravo on the site.

name: Jerry Ascione
city: Arnold
state: MD
country: USA
date: Apr 15, 2010
subject: Just saying hello

Hello Mr. Adelstein,

I was a French Horn major '70-'75) at the Dana School of Music of Youngstown State University. I studied with Bill Slocum and I was lucky enough to work in brass ensembles for "Pelli" and of course in wind ensembles for Bob Fleming. I just retired from the Washington, DC Navy Band not as a horn player but as a composer/pianist. I never thought that would be the outcome but I loved it. I was always inspired by your playing. I can only say thank you for being able to listen to you for many, many years. I wish you the best.


Jerry Ascione

name: William Steck
city: Alexandria
state: VA
country: USA
date: Dec 26, 2010
subject: Remembering our days as colleagues in the Cleveland Orchestra

Bernie -- I will always remember your great trumpet playing. it was a pleasure to be in the same orchestra with you. Thanks for all the memories. Hope you and Connie are doing well. With fondest regards, Bill

name: gregg helgesen
city: champaign
state: il
country: USA
date: Mar 20, 2011
subject: hello

I studied with you at UM for a couple of years... didnt learn as muchfrom you as I could have but still play here in Illinois. I see you are giving a workshop/clinic/talk at ITG in May. Unfortunately, my son and I wont be in town until the day after your presentation. I finished my music degree and went on to get a PhD in Psych... studied with Haskell Sexton and have played with Ray Sasaki. Jeff studied with Ray and was on the road with Ray Charles for 3 years (see his web site). "Jeff Helgesen's web page" (Google it)

name: Alan Campbell
city: Milwaukee
state: WI
country: USA
date: Jul 12, 2011
subject: Loved your playing

Mr. Adelstein - I currently hold the position of 2nd Trumpet with the Milwaukee Symphony. I just came across you web site, and I remember my days at Oberlin in the mid 70's when The Cleveland Orchestra would come down a couple of times a year. I Heard you play Mahler 5, Bruckner 7, and a host of other pieces, and I have to say that you were such an inspiration to me as a young trumpet player. I heard things coming out of your horn that I thought (and still think) were almost impossible to replicate. Your playing was so powerful, and yet so clean - I have had young players ask me how they can play in such a way, and I say "go listen to the old Cleveland recordings with Bernie Adelstien"

I hope you are well, and I sincerely wish you all the best.

- Alan Campbell, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

name: Paul Anthony McRae
city: Armenia
country: Colombia
date: Jan 04, 2012
subject: You will always be my inspiration and spiritual friend!

To Bernie and Connie,
I will always cherish playing with you in the Aspen Festival Orchestra in 1964 and trout fishing with you in the "Frying Pan" River when David was a little boy. The warmth, kindness and hospitality that you and Connie showed me by having me stay with you in Shaker Heights while I auditioned for George Szell, is something I still remember with deep gratitude. I remember how you would pick up your ice-cold trumpet at 7:00 a.m. in the winter mornings, without any warm-up, and flawlessly rip-off the fanfare to the Richard Strauss, Symphonia Domestica as perfectly as I've ever heard it - even today! May God bless you always and thank you for being the friend and ispiration you are to so many musicians around the world. With much love and appreciation, Paul McRae.

name: Armando Mendoza
city: Hilo
state: HI
country: USA
date: Jan 22, 2012
subject: A quick note

I have always admired Mr. Adelstein's playing since I was a kid growing up in Hawaii. My teacher, Seymour Rosenfeld told me during a lesson in th 80's that Mr. Adelstein was his first boss. I flew from another island to Honolulu to hear the Cleveland Orchestra play in the 70's; they played a concert there before continuing on to Japan. They had a guest conductor. I remember their performance of Beethoven's Fifth. I was enthralled with Mr. Adelstein's entrance on the last movement. I will never forget it. It made a deep and lasting impression on me.
Thank you,
Armando Mendoza

name: Vern Hamberg
city: South Saint Paul
state: MN
country: USA
date: Apr 26, 2012
subject: Scheherazade with Minneapolis Symphony

I studied trumpet (around 1970 at U of Minn.) with Clement Volpe, who was second chair for several years in the Minneapolis Symphony. I had heard that recording of Scheherazade on local public radio and was in awe of the fast tonguing in the 4th movement. I asked Clem about this, and as I recall, he told me that he and Bernard had played that, and that Antal Dorati had asked them how fast they could do it. Apparently it challenged some of the ensemble a bit!

So Bernard's name has always had a pleasant place in my memories, through what is still a favorite recording of this work.

Vern Hamberg

name: Dr. Alan S. Altman, Ed.D.
city: Miami
state: Florida
country: USA
date: Aug 18, 2012
subject: A belated thank you

Maestro Adelstein,
Just a short note to you, while listening to the Maazel recording of the Tchaikovsky op.36 f min 4th symphony following my own retirement from teaching Psychology and performing on the trumpet at university and in the US Army Bands in Europe. As a student in Cincinnati at the Conservatory, you and the Cleveland were all any of us ever talked about. You were the benchmark for all we strove to accomplish. Later, when I played an audition in the late 1960's for Louis Davidson, Phil Farkas, Louis Von Haney and Bill Bell, I carried you and your performances with me, enabling me to pass muster with them in Bloomington without as much stress as there would have been without having carried you in mind with me. I have retired from teaching Psychology both at University and in the public schools here in Miami, and continue to consider myself blessed to have people such as you, Tom Wohlwunder, Eugene Blee, Gil Johnson and Leon Rapier in my life. setting the highest of superlatives for me to attempt to reach.

I thank you and wish you well in all things,

Alan Altman

name: Paul Brown
city: Statesboro
state: GA
country: USA
date: Oct 05, 2012
subject: Trumpet Brands

I still have the old mono Mercury recording of the Pines of Rome (and Fountains on reverse side) with its wonderfully coordinated 4-note call-answer part in the last of the Appian Way. Do you remember what brand of trumpet you were using back then (early 50's)? Now everyone says Bach, Bach, Bach!!
What other brands would have an appropriate symphonic sound?

name: Greg Burris
city: Shelby Township
state: Michigan
country: USA
date: Jan 24, 2013
subject: A quick hello and... Thank You!

Bernie, came across your website and wanted to say a quick hello. I came to you for lessons, driving to Cleveland from Detroit, after my former teacher, Irving Sarin, either tired of me or wanted me to go further! I learned much from you about the orchestral literature, but most important, on how to produce a vibrant sound from the instrument. Though I stopped playing on a regular basis back in the mid-80s, I've recently picked up the horn again and am enjoying it again very much. And I again just wanted to thank you, along with Mr. Sarin, for instilling in me a love of the instrument.

All the best to you and your family,
Greg Burris

name: Lois Latnik
city: Denver
state: Colorado
country: USA
date: Mar 10, 2013
subject: Meeting a former student

Mr. Adelstein,
I attended the Navy Band concert here in Denver and met Stanley Curtis. In his bio, I read that he had studied with you at the Institute. That brought back many memories of my lessons with you preparing my senoir recital. I have been retired from the Cherry Creek School district since 1995, where I taught instrumental music for over 20 years. I played in a local orchestra and with the
colorado concert band over the years. Now I'm singing with the Cherry Creek Chorale.
Stanley told me you're living in Sarasota florida. I was just in Tampa last month to see an elderly Aunt and Uncle. If you'll send me your address, the next time I'm in Florida, I'll come and visit if that's ok. I usually go to Fla. once a year.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Lois Latnik

name: Mike Matter (IU, around 89-90 .... Matt and Mike 'Mike')
city: Hoagland
state: in
country: USA
date: May 28, 2013
subject: Just stopping by...

Saw a link to your site, good to see you again my friend. Hope all is well health-wise, and that Florida has agreed with you. I think of you daily...if I don't, its cause I didn't practice and thats no good. Still use the same Louis Davidson warm-ups and have passed them along to many a student. Been playing a fair amount of C trumpet lately and i'm trying to emulate what I can remember of you. Thanks for those memories to fall back on.

name: Sam Gellens
city: Yonkers
state: NY
country: USA
date: Jul 21, 2013
subject: Thank you!

As a former trumpeter who studied early on with Mel Broiles and later with Don Tison, I've really enjoyed reading all of the discussion and information provided here. Glantz remains my greatest hero and I never knew that you studied with him. Congratulations on a stupendous career and may you and yours know only good health and peace of mind! Sam.

name: Martha Knight
city: Highland Hts
state: Ohio
country: USA
date: Aug 04, 2013
subject: Hello

Didn't hear from you since your move and then saw this wonderful site on the Internet. Would love to hear from you and get your mailing address. Hello to Connie. Martha Knight

name: Terence Connell
city: Downers Grove
state: Illinois
country: USA
date: Feb 12, 2014
subject: Trumpet studies

Listened to the Szell Cleveland Orchestra recordings of the
Dvorak Slavonic Dances while working this morning.

name: Greg Burris
city: Shelby Township
state: MI
country: USA
date: Feb 25, 2014
subject: Thank you

It was a pleasure to get to study with Bernie, albeit briefly, in the 1975-76 timeframe. Those were relatively long drives from Detroit but well worth the trips. Bernie was always an inspiration and a great teacher. I'm very happy that Irving Sarin referred me to Bernie those many years ago.

name: Kathryn Sudranski Green
city: albuquerque
state: NM
country: USA
date: Apr 23, 2014
subject: hello

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to my parents. And thank you for playing at my wedding in 1967. We're still married. We are retired, as are my 2 sisters, Lynne and Dianne. Lynne lives in Houston, Texas with her husband. Dianne has moved into my grandmother's house in Cortland,Ohio.

name: George Coble
city: Liverpool
state: NY
country: USA
date: Jun 25, 2014
subject: Wagner's "Song without Words" recording

I recently heard a recording of the Cleveland Orchestra with George Szell conducting entitled "Song without Words" copyrighted 1962. Your brilliant playing on this Wagner recording reminded me why I was so eager to attend the Blossom Festival in 1969 so that I could meet you and seriously study the trumpet with you. Following the Blossom Festival, I continued to commute occasionally to your house in Cleveland to continue lessons for several years. I am forever thankful for your generosity and care. Hearing you again performing magnificently with my all-time favorite orchestra reminded me about how important you were and always will be to me. All best wishes to you and yours. G

name: Robert Kunath
city: Jacksonville
state: IL
country: USA
date: Oct 01, 2014
subject: Fond memories

Just a note to say how warmly I remember the Cleveland Orchestra performances that I heard as a teen-ager in the mid-1970s. I had been too young to hear the Orchestra in the Szell years, but it was superb in the Maazel years. I'm so glad that I had the chance to hear performances with so many of the great musicians brought in during the 50s and 60s: you, Maurice Sharp, George Goslee, etc. I still recall Andrew Davis in 1978 leading a Stravinksy Octet with Mr. Sharp and Mr. Goslee among the performers (and maybe you too!). All best wishes!

name: Lois Latnik
city: Denver
state: CO.
country: USA
date: Dec 20, 2014
subject: Thinking about you

I was just thinking about Louis Davidson and your name came to mind. I'm still playing trumpet but now mainly private teaching. I remember all the lessons at the Institute and my senior recital. You helped me with all that music. I have the recording. I have family in Florida in Tampa. I'll probably be down there in Feb. and I'd like to see you. Please give me your address and I'll contact you when I'm in Tampa. Hope to see you. Fondly, Lois Latnik

name: Lois Latnik
city: Denver
state: Colorado
country: USA
date: Feb 10, 2015
subject: I was just down in Tampa, Fla. I should have looked you up!

Hi Mr. Hi Mr. Adelstein,
I'm now singing in the Cherry Creek Chorale and giving trumpet lessons on the side. I've been retired from teaching for 20 years this year. Hope you are well. I'll look you up next time I'm in Tampa. I have an Aunt who I just got back from visiting.


name: Brenda Sitko
city: Brampton
state: ON
country: Canada
date: Feb 22, 2015
subject: Hello

Hello Mr. Adelstein. I was listening today to a CD of Barbra Streisand's mid-90s tour at Madison Square Garden and Lew Soloff was playing lead. It made me think of your amazing playing with the Cleveland Orchestra and what an honour it was to study with you in the late 70's. All the best, Brenda Sitko

name: Richard S. Parks
city: Shaker Heights
state: OH
country: USA
date: Mar 03, 2015
subject: Greetings after many years

I doubt you remember me from my private studies with you during summers of 1962 and 1963 (!?), but you impressed me profoundly. After my own 47-year career as a music theorist (and 30 years as a free-lancer in Detroit and elsewhere) I've retired and returned to Cleveland. I enjoyed exploring your website enormously. What an astonishing career, and what an original and consummate musician you are! Many thanks, ...Dick

name: Tom Gullickson
city: St. Paul
state: MN
country: USA
date: Aug 18, 2015
subject: Congratulations

Good morning, Mr. Adelstein. I came across your web page while wanting to learn more about the brass section during the Szell years. I just wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank you for the many wonderful and inspiring recordings you made. I was just listening to you on the way to work today (Bruckner's 8th) and your playing just knocked me out. The sustained power and beauty of your sound and the overall massiveness and great blend of the brass section have been my ideal for a long time. Best wishes. -Tom G.

name: john meyer
city: naperville,
state: il
country: USA
date: Dec 01, 2015
subject: questions

I'm an old guy who as a kid studied with Al Ligotti, a Vacchiano student. My heroes included Glantz, Jimmy Burke. George Esksdale and others. My first Mahler 1 recording was Metropoulis' with the Minneapolis Sym. Are you playing in that recording? Also, the best Messiah I heard was live at Severance Hall with Robert Shaw conducting. So transparently beautiful. Were you the trumpeter in that performance (late 60's / early 70's)? Exquisite!
May God bless you.
John Meyer

name: Lennie Feldheim
city: Cleveland
state: TN
country: USA
date: Dec 16, 2015
subject: Just saying hi.

David told me about your web page I'm checking it out. Please say hi to your wife for me.

name: John Barrer
city: McLean
state: VA
country: United States
date: Feb 18, 2016
subject: Memories

I had the good fortune to study trumpet with Bernard Adelstein shortly after he made the first recording of Pictures in the early 60's(I still have the vinyl). At the time, he had the fullest trumpet sound of anybody. I asked him what he was thinking and how he got such a big sound. He said he was playing that opening Promenade just as loud as he could. His playing was such an inspiration. George Szell had hired him from the Minneapolis Symphony after being so impressed with his sound.

name: Joe Miller
city: Venice
state: Florida
country: United States
date: Mar 15, 2017
subject:'s always great to visit with you and Connie. Looking forward to some more duets. See you soon for breakfast!!

name: Lois Latnik
city: Denver
state: Colorado
country: USA
date: Aug 09, 2016
subject: Wondering if you ever received my message

I don't remember what I wrote years ago but I'd like to hear from you now.

name: Chris Royal
city: Silver Spring
state: Md
country: USA
date: May 11, 2017
subject: Great Site

Thank you f speaking with me several years ago about rotary instruments. Your site is full of wonderful information. Many thanks.

name: Donald Duncan
city: Pittsburgh
state: PA
country: USA
date: Oct 02, 2017
subject: RE: Thank you

Mr. Adelstein,
You probably don't remember me, but I studied with Dr. Walt Myers at Wichita State from 1982-87. I came to your home in Cleveland in 1986 to have a lesson. You were patient with me and very helpful. I now live in Pittsburgh, PA. Many thanks for the help you gave. Hope you are well. -Don Duncan

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